Welcome to Simply Sail!  My name is Becky Simmons and my husband and I live on beautiful Johns Island, S.C.  I am a critical care nurse, wife, mom and grandmom.  Sailing is a way of life for us...it's not the destination but the journey!  The simplicity and serenity of our boat Luckydog gliding through the water is such a zen experience.  Creating hand poured all natural soy candles is my passion and my way of bringing the serenity and simplicity of sailing home.  The ambience and soothing fragrance of a gently burning candle is enjoyed by many!  The environmentally friendly all natural soy wax does not emit harmful fumes or soot and the all cotton wicks do not contain lead.  I started creating candles 5 years ago because most of the candles in the stores contained harmful chemicals and had such strong and artificial fragrances.  As I shared my candles and gave them as gifts,  I started receiving comments such as "your candles have such wonderful fragrances you should try to sell them".   The all natural lip balm I have developed has become very popular as well and has been added to my store.   Thanks to my family and dear friends for supporting me as I take my candle creating passion to a new level!  

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